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6 Composite Bonding Facts You Need to Know

Although not as well known as some other cosmetic dental procedures, composite bonding is a versatile technique for correcting or repairing a range of problems. Sometimes referred to as ‘tooth bonding’ or ‘cosmetic bonding’, the treatment option is very straightforward and effective.

In this guide, we’ll talk you through six key facts about composite bonding you need to know if you’re considering having the treatment with us at Nu Dental. 

1. Composite Bonding is Minimally Invasive

When deciding whether a treatment is right for you, you’ll probably consider how invasive it is. After all, it’s only natural to worry about what will be going on inside your mouth while we improve the look of your teeth. 

You’ll be pleased to know that composite bonding requires very little preparation of the tooth and there’s no drilling involved. In fact, this type of procedure involves no discomfort whatsoever.

2. Composite Bonding Repairs Cracked Teeth

Cracked teeth can become a haven for plaque leading to decay and toothache, not only that, but you may not like the look of them either. 

Using tooth-coloured composite resin, it’s possible to cover these cracks and restore your tooth to its former glory.

3. Composite Bonding Can Close Gaps Between Teeth

A small amount of composite resin applied to the edges of your teeth can eliminate small gaps. This can often be achieved in just one appointment, without the need for orthodontic appliances. 

4. Composite Bonding Can Be Used Alongside Teeth Whitening

It’s fairly normal to dislike several things about your teeth, and if you’re addressing cracks and minor positional issues, why not brighten your smile at the same time?

We offer Enlighten teeth whitening, an at-home whitening solution that can lighten your teeth to a B1 shade (that’s the most natural white you can get!). 

If you want whiter teeth, let us know before we carry out your composite bonding treatment, and we’ll carry out the tooth whitening first so the resin matches your new shade.

5. The Composite Bonding Procedure is Quick

Some procedures require you to make several trips to see us, but that’s not usually the case with composite bonding. The procedure is quick and easy. 

First, we’ll prepare your teeth by making the surface rougher. This helps the resin stick. We’ll then apply a liquid to help it bond even more before applying the actual resin. 

With the patient skilled hands of a master craftsperson, we’ll sculpt and refine the resin until your tooth is perfect. Once we’re satisfied, we’ll harden the resin using a UV light before making the final touches.

6. Composite Bonding Can Help Crooked Teeth

Minor misalignments can be addressed using composite bonding. We’ll carefully add the resin strategically,  giving the appearance of a straighter tooth.

Keep in mind that composite bonding can only help very minor misalignments. If your misalignments are more severe, we recommend exploring teeth straightening options such as Invisalign.

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Composite bonding opens a world of possibilities for your smile. If you’d like to learn more about its benefits or you’d like to find out whether it’s right for you, book your appointment with us today.

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