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Teeth Straightening: Why, How, and When?

If you have crooked, overcrowded, or gappy teeth, you are not alone. Many people have issues with the position of their teeth. While some don’t seek out treatment to correct these issues, teeth straightening is popular; and with so many treatment options available, there has never been a better time to fix your smile. 

If you’re considering getting your teeth straightened, you might have many questions. These might include, “why should I get my teeth straightened?”, “how do teeth straightening treatments work?”, and “is teeth straightening right for me?”

At Nu Dental, we use Invisalign, a clear aligner system that straightens teeth most discreetly and conveniently possible. 

In this guide, we’ll deal with the “why”,” how”, and “when” of straightening teeth and discuss the steps you need to take to determine whether Invisalign is right for you. 

Why Consider Teeth Straightening?

There are several great reasons to consider straightening your teeth. Many people choose to correct the position of their teeth for aesthetic reasons. A straighter smile can help you improve your confidence and self-esteem if you dislike or are insecure about its appearance. 

In addition to the cosmetic benefits, teeth straightening can improve your oral health. It can often be difficult to clean your teeth when they are crooked. If you’re unable to brush properly, it increases the risk of cavities and dental infections. Straighter teeth become easier to clean. 

Sometimes, the position of your teeth can affect your ability to bite and cause pain in your jaw, neck, shoulder, face, and head. Bringing your smile into line will reduce this tension in your jaw. 

How Do Teeth Straightening Treatments Work?

The idea behind teeth straightening is quite simple, and all treatments use a variation of the same principle. Applying a constant force to a tooth for a prolonged period of time will gradually cause it to move. 

Traditional braces use brackets and wires to achieve this pressure. During treatment with fixed braces, a dentist will adjust the wire occasionally to bring your teeth into position. 

In the case of Invisalign, you’ll wear a clear removable aligner that’s tailored to suit your mouth. Over the course of your treatment, you’ll swap aligners every two weeks. The new aligner continues your treatment by moving your teeth a fraction of a millimetre further. 

When Should You Straighten Your Teeth?

Although teeth straightening is a treatment teenagers often have, there are no age limits. Teens have often received treatment because it’s around that age that misalignments become more noticeable, but there’s no reason why you can’t have Invisalign as an adult; in fact, many people do!

One of the things that put many people off teeth straightening treatments is the idea that you may need to wear a brace for up to two years. Fortunately, there are other options. 

Because Invisalign aligners are translucent, they are virtually invisible, meaning most people won’t even notice you’re wearing an aligner. And, as your aligner is removable, you can take it out at mealtimes or when you’re brushing your teeth. 

Is Invisalign Right for You?

Invisalign is a great solution for treating many issues with the position and alignment of your teeth. Before starting Invisalign treatment, we’ll invite you to a consultation to determine whether it’s right for you. 


During your consultation, we’ll take digital scans of your smile. Using powerful software, we can then plot your Invisalign treatment journey and show you what your smile will look like if you choose to wear aligners. 

Teeth Straightening at Nu Dental

Invisalign is a life-changing treatment that improves the position of your teeth while giving you a new sense of confidence in your smile. 

Get in touch today and schedule your Invisalign consultation. 

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