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Teeth Whitening: Separating the Fact From the Fiction

A brighter, whiter smile stands out for all the right reasons leaving a dazzling first impression on anyone you meet. But when your teeth are dull and discoloured, chances are you’ll want to keep them hidden for view.

To address the problem of stained teeth, we’re proud to provide Enlighten teeth whitening. We believe this is the best at-home whitening treatment available. But when it comes to creating brighter smiles, there are quite a few unhelpful myths that have circulated.

In this guide, we’ll separate the facts about teeth whitening from the fiction and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

FICTION: Teeth Whitening Strips Your Teeth

The internet is a great place for getting an immediate answer to any question you’ve got, but there is also quite a lot of misinformation out there. Some of the most common tooth whitening myths that have spread in various quarters include the notion that it strips layers off your teeth, and that it can ruin them.

FACT: Enlighten Is Safe

Enlighten is a perfectly safe and popular whitening treatment that is used by countless dental professionals.

We would never recommend any treatment that could potentially cause any harm to you or your teeth. Moreover, Enlighten uses materials that have been safely used in dentistry for over a century. 

FICTION: Teeth Whitening Hurts

As with any dental treatment, there will always be worries surrounding any discomfort it may cause. While there may be over-the-counter treatments that are less than kind to your teeth, that’s not the case when it comes to Enlighten.

FACT: Enlighten Uses a Low-Sensitivity Serum

We believe Enlighten is the best at-home treatment because it not only provides exceptional results, but it does so with minimal sensitivity issues.

Along with the whitening gel, you’ll be given a special toothpaste along with desensitising swabs that make the experience as comfortable as possible.

FICTION: You Can Buy Over-the-Counter Kits Which Are Just As Good

You’d be forgiven for believing that all teeth whitening treatments are created equal and that you’ll get the same results from an over-the-counter kit. This is far from true. Shop-bought kits contain less active ingredients and the results won’t come anywhere near those you’d see with Enlighten.

FACT: Enlighten Guarantees the Best Results

Although Enlighten is an at-home whitening treatment, we’ll still show you how to use it, and we’ll get you back in for a final session in the clinic. 

Taking your dental professional out of the equation when whitening your teeth is a big risk. We cannot vouch for the safety or effectiveness of any shop-bought whitening products, many of which can be very abrasive.

The other thing to remember is that dentists are able to prescribe treatments that contain a higher concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide. This leads to better results. In fact, Enlighten is the only whitening treatment that can lighten your teeth by up to 16 shades. With Enlighten, your teeth can reach a Vita B1 shade which is the most natural shade of white possible.

Are You Ready for a Brighter Smile?

We know you’ve probably got lots of questions about Enlighten teeth whitening and here at Nu Dental, we’re always on hand to answer these for you. To arrange a consultation and to discuss the treatment further, get in touch today.

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