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What Is the Best Way to Keep Your Gums Healthy?

You probably know that you need to take care of your teeth to maintain great oral health, but it’s often easy to overlook the other important area within your mouth; your gums. 

Gingivitis is a reversible form of gum disease where your gums become red, swollen, and may bleed. The advanced form of gum disease is periodontitis. If you get to this stage, it can have a serious impact on the tissue and bone that support your teeth leaving lasting damage.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to minimise the risk of developing gum disease, many of which are simple. Here are some of the measures you can take to keep your gums healthy.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Just like with tooth decay, plaque bacteria is the culprit behind gum disease. Bacteria that feed on sugar and starch on your teeth will not only erode the enamel of your teeth but can also damage your gums. 

One of the most obvious ways that you can take care of your gums is by making sure your oral care routine includes good dental hygiene. Brushing your teeth thoroughly, twice a day, for two minutes at a time using fluoride toothpaste will also have a big impact on your gum health. It’s also important that you clean right up to the gum line as these spots can be a haven for plaque.

In addition to brushing your teeth, flossing between them will help clear out the hard-to-reach plaque, and rinsing with mouthwash will help dislodge any debris surrounding the gums.

Quit Smoking

We all know that smoking affects the heart and lungs, however, tar and nicotine from cigarette smoke can build up in your mouth leading to gum disease. Not only that, but smoking also affects your immune system, leaving you more susceptible to infection and disease.

Quitting smoking is never easy, however, if you speak to your doctor, they’ll be able to provide you with some essential resources to help you quit.

Cut Back on Sugar

When bacteria consume sugar in your mouth, enzymes are secreted that can attack your gums. To prevent microbial build-up, avoid anything that is excessively sugary. 

If you do eat or drink anything sweet, rinsing your mouth out with water can help, however, you should also ideally clean your teeth as soon after consuming the sugary item as possible.

Visit the Dentist Regularly

Regular trips to the dentist will mean we get to assess the current health of both your teeth and your gums and give you advice about how to improve your oral health. 

If you book hygiene appointments with us, we’ll care for your gums and teeth by carrying out a scale and polish. This will remove plaque and tartar that’s built up over time.

Book Your Hygiene Visit Today

Taking care of your gums is essential in maintaining great oral health. If you’re concerned that you have the signs of gum disease, such as bleeding or inflammation, get in touch and book your hygiene appointment today.

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