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Breathtakingly Beautiful

Old or poor quality dentures can let you down over time. From holding back on laughing too hard to worrying if people can tell you’re wearing them, they could be affecting your life more than you think.

If feeling conscious of your dentures is part of your daily routine, it’s time to level up your confidence with cosmetic dentures from Nu Dental.

Our cosmetic dentures are artfully hand-crafted by clinical dental technicians (CDTs) to perfectly fit the curves and contours of your smile. That means no more sliding around in your mouth and no more holding back on laughter.

And because cosmetic dentures from Nu Dental look just like natural teeth, you’ll never have to worry that your dentures are the centre of attention.


Why Cosmetic Dentures?

Stunningly Natural

The durability and strength of titanium implants mean you can chew and eat your favourite food once again without worrying whether your dentures can handle it. And because implanted dentures don’t require an upper pallet to stay fixed in place, you’ll find that taste is fully restored too.

Custom Comfort

Biocompatible titanium prevents jawbone deterioration and the loss of bone density that occurs when teeth go missing. That’s not only great news for jaw health – it also takes years off your appearance by reversing the sallow cheeks and premature facial ageing that accompanies prolonged denture wear.

The Journey to Your Nu Smile


Nu Ideas

We’ll take detailed impressions, x-rays, images and scans of your teeth, gums and overall smile. With this information, we can plan the designs in-depth – even showing you a smile preview to make sure you’re ecstatic with how your smile will look.


Creating a Masterpiece

Our CDTs can then replicate our plans and sculpt your cosmetic dentures by hand. Paying close attention to every fine detail, our technicians will craft and contour your cosmetic dentures with precision and skill.


The Result

Lastly, we’ll receive your brand new cosmetic dentures from the lab and ensure they fit perfectly. You’ll leave the clinic with a natural-looking, that’s ready for love, laughter and whatever’s on today’s menu!

Cosmetic Dentures FAQs

What is the difference between standard dentures and cosmetic dentures?
Cosmetic dentures are more a work of art than a set of dentures. We will consider every aspect of your smile when designing dentures that look and feel 100% natural. Our CDTs have spent years perfecting techniques to sculpt the most beautiful cosmetic dentures for our patients.
Who can get cosmetic dentures?
There are minimal restrictions on cosmetic dentures, which means most people can feel conscious of their smile. You should contact our clinic to find out if cosmetic dentures are the best solution for you.
Will people be able to tell if I’m wearing cosmetic dentures?
Your dentures will be created with meticulous attention to detail, so no one will be able to tell them apart from natural teeth. Even you can forget you are wearing them after a while.
Can I sleep in my cosmetic dentures?
You should remove your dentures and soak them overnight for cleaning. We’ll provide comprehensive aftercare and advice to let you know how best to clean and care for your new dentures.

Get Your Smile Back on Track

If you want a same-day show-stopping smile that can last you a lifetime, contact our team at the Nu Dental clinic in Shipley today.

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