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Give Them the Best Start in Life

Whether your child is nervous about visiting the dentist, has never been, or you’re apprehensive about introducing them to the world of dentistry, Nu Dental can give them the best start in life with our nurturing paediatric dental care.

Our clinic is welcoming, relaxed and above all, super child-friendly. Let your child be warmly welcomed by our team and get the treatment they deserve.

We offer a range of solutions to make your child feel at ease in the chair. From distraction techniques to gentle dentistry, we’re sure your child will love their time at Nu Dental.

We believe it’s never too early to bring your little one to the dentist. Of course, you might think they’ll get nervous while at the dentist. But, the truth is, the earlier children are introduced to clinical environments, the more likely they’ll be to attend future appointments and feel relaxed going into treatments.


They Come First

Knowing The Right Time

There’s no wrong time to introduce your child to us. As soon as they start teething, you should start your child on their path to oral health by bringing them to Nu Dental. We offer comprehensive dental care and practical advice to keep them smiling.

Knowing Their Smile

The more you introduce your little ones to their surroundings here at Nu Dental, the better we can get to know them and their smiles. In addition, it helps children t o have a routine with the same dentist so they feel comfortable throughout appointments, and you can watch them grow in confidence with every visit.

Knowing Their Development

There are three phases to the development of human teeth. The first is baby teeth, then the mixture of baby and adult teeth. And, finally, the third is permanent adult teeth. At Nu dental, we’re committed to giving your child the best dental care they can get throughout every stage of their life.

Their Visit To Nu


Their First Visit

You could start to bring your little one to the clinic within their first six months or when their first tooth erupts.

Until this point, we can advise you on thumb-sucking, dummy usage, gum health, proper cleaning methods. Depending on your child’s age, we might also check their bite, jaw and gums.


Preparing Them

It’s important to build excitement in a child before their first dental visit, so pick an appointment time in the morning so they’re alert and can fully understand what’s going on.

The age of the child could depend on their reaction to their visit with us. However, we find that children can be pretty clingy between the ages of 10 – 24 months and might get distressed at being separated from you for an exam.

Between the ages of 2-4, they can probably deal with being apart from you a little easier but may object to being separated from you for a procedure such as a cavity filling.

From the age of four onwards, your child should be able to cope with being separated and exposed enough to the clinical environment that they shouldn’t get too distressed.

Pediatric Dentistry FAQs

At what age should my child stop using a dummy?
If your child is still thumb-sucking or using a dummy after they turn 3, it’s best to intervene. These sorts of habits can result in malocclusion and alignment issues as they grow up.
My child has stained teeth. What should I do?
You should make an appointment with us straight away if your child’s teeth are stained. Nipping stains in the bud sooner rather than later is the best thing you can do for your child’s teeth. We’ll likely clean and polish their teeth during treatment but will also check for signs of cavities, gum disease or plaque build-up.
What diet will keep my child’s teeth healthy?
Avoid fermented carbohydrates that can be found in things like sweets, cookies, doughnuts etc. You should also discourage too much sugar in the diet and help them avoid fizzy drinks. All these things can lead to cavities, decay and generally poor oral health in the future.

Give Your Child The Best Start in Life

Contact Nu Dental today to give your child the best dental care to get them started right and keep them smiling for years to come.

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