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Stunning Same-Day Smile

All-On-4 and Same Day Teeth are different names given to the same treatment to give you a beautiful new implanted smile in just one day.

Same Day Teeth uses four to six titanium implants to securely fix custom-made, natural-looking replacement teeth for a 24/7 stunning smile.

All-On-4 and Same Day Teeth are more than just replacement dentures. They provide fast, functional and permanent teeth that are completely indistinguishable from the real thing.

If you are living with loose dentures, failing or missing teeth, All-on4 can restore your smile and your confidence in just a few hours. No wonder Nu Dental patients say it’s a life-changing procedure.

Why Choose
All-On-4/Same Day Teeth?

Perfect Looks

Same Day Teeth will transform your smile. The expert dental technicians creating your Same Day Teeth will meticulously contour and shape your Same Day Teeth resulting in a beautifully natural-looking smile.

Quick Turnaround

All-On-4 and Same Day Teeth gives you the ability to eat, drink and chew whatever you like with your new implants just hours after leaving the clinic. That’s because we place Same Day Teeth at a 45-degree angle so they act as solid foundations straight away.

Lifelong Bond

Your All-On-4 or Same Day Teeth will be supported by titanium implants that will gradually fuse to your jaw. This provides incredibly stable and secure foundations for your new smile, making Same Day Teeth just as stable as natural teeth. Implants also promote good jaw bone health and prevent the deterioration that goes along with missing teeth.

Comfort is Key

Same Day Teeth are so much more than dentures. No more denture glue, no unsteady movement and no more sore gums. Your Same Day Teeth will feel natural, act natural and look natural. Within a few hours of receiving your All-on-4, you’ll forget you have implants.

Dental Implant Patient


A Smile For Life!

Alison thanks the NuDental team for a brand new smile and new confidence.

Your Journey with Same Day Teeth and All-On-4


Your Consultation

To start, we’ll take some digital impressions and images to create your unique, comprehensive treatment plan. We’ll use cutting edge technology to create a 3D representation of your smile and map out the placement of your implants.


The Placement

Next, we’ll place your implants carefully and with precision at a 45-degree angle for extra stability. At this point, you might receive temporary replacement teeth while our expert clinical dental technicians craft your beautiful bespoke smile. We’ll fit your temporary teeth onto the titanium implants so you can leave the clinic with a new smile in one day.


The Results

If you think your temporary teeth look great, wait until you see your permanent ones. Once they’re created in a few weeks’ time, we’ll make sure they fit perfectly, and your treatment is complete. We’ll make sure you know how to keep your new smile bright for years to come and you can then leave our clinic with a beautifully stunning smile and confidence to boot.

All-On-4 & Same Day Teeth FAQs

How long do results from Same day Teeth or All-On-4 last?
Results can last decades as long as you take good care of your smile. Keeping up a good oral hygiene routine like brushing regularly, flossing and using mouthwash can all contribute to the longevity of your All-On-4 and Same-Day-Teeth.
Do Same Day Teeth and All-On-4 treatment take just one day?
Yes, once we’ve received your custom-made teeth back from the lab and we’ve placed your implants, we will fit your teeth, and you can leave our clinic with your stunning new smile in a single day.
I’ve been told I don’t have enough bone, can I still get implants?
We’ll thoroughly assess your smile and will check things like bone density, gum health and your overall suitability for Same Day Teeth/ All-On-4 before committing to any treatment. If bone density is an issue, we can consider bone grafts or zygomatic implants.

Get Your Smile Back on Track

If you want a same-day show-stopping smile that can last you a lifetime, contact our team at the Nu Dental clinic in Shipley today.

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