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Comfortable Dental

Dental phobia affects 53% of the UK population. So, if you’re nervous about visiting the dentist, you’re not alone and we can help find the treatment you’re searching for.

When you’re nervous, you can be tempted to skip or avoid your dental appointments. Now you don’t have to. At Nu Dental, we’re experienced in helping our patients feel relaxed, welcome and confident during their appointments.

But, you don’t need to solely rely on our people skills to put you at ease, we offer a range of sedation options to help you through even the most minor of treatments.

At Nu Dental, you can count on us to reassure you and explain every aspect of your treatment so you feel informed and comfortable.


And…Relax with Sedation Dentistry


Feeling Fine

There are varying types of sedation. Our sedative procedures are super relaxing and send you into a dream-like state. How much sedation we give you depends on the depth of the treatment we’ll be giving you. It’s unlikely that you’ll remember much about your treatment afterwards but we guarantee you’ll feel relaxed and happy with a shiny new smile to boot.


Boosting Your Confidence

Sedation dentistry doesn’t just provide you with an in-the-moment relaxant. It can change your mindset towards dental appointments altogether. When you feel confident and at ease during your treatment with us, you’ll leave our clinic less afraid of future appointments and should feel more relaxed about attending them.


Getting The Best Treatment

We understand that it’s not always easy visiting the dentist, but if your fear is so overwhelming that you’re avoiding booking an appointment, you should contact Nu Dental. We can explain everything you need to know and can put your mind at rest to make sure you get the treatment you need in the calming way you need it.

Being Sedated

The Administration

To begin your appointment under sedation, we’ll gently administer the sedative to lull you into a calm and relaxed state. Then, once we’re sure you’re happy and comfortable, we’ll begin working on your treatment.

The Treatment

During treatment, you won’t feel a thing. Regardless of what your treatment is, we guarantee that you’ll remain in a tranquil, dream-like state throughout the whole procedure. When we feel you’re ready, we’ll ease you slowly out of your sedated state once treatment is over.

Going Home

After your sedation, we’ll walk you through the recovery area. You might still feel a little groggy and sleepy afterwards so it’s recommended that you bring an escort with you to drive you home and make sure you’re okay for a couple of hours.

Sedation FAQs

What can’t I do after sedation?
You should drive or operate any heavy machinery after sedation and don’t make any important decisions either. Your mind might remain foggy for a few hours after sedation so we recommend taking the rest of the day off work and resting to see it out.
Is it okay to sleep after sedation?
Yes, you might feel extra drowsy and sleepy after your treatment so wanting to have a nap is normal and okay to do.
Will I be able to talk while under sedation?
You might not be able to speak as much but this is more down to the fact that we’ll be working in your mouth. Before we sedate you, we’ll talk you through a way of communicating so you still feel an element of control while you’re sedated.
Will I feel pain?
You won’t be in any pain whatsoever during sedation. We’ll use a combination of anaesthetic and sedative to ensure you’re completely at ease and pain-free.
Will I be able to hear while sedated?
You might be able to hear things, yes. We’ll talk to you throughout the process to keep checking up on you and you might even respond. It’s unlikely that you’ll actually remember any of the treatment while sedated.

Feel Calmer at Your Dental Appointments

If you think you could benefit from sedation during your dental appointments, call our friendly team today to improve your dental experience with Nu Dental.

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