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Shine Brighter

When you need a fix for cracks, chips, misalignment or gaps in your smile, look no further than composite veneers and bonding from Nu Dental’s talented Dr Attiya Ahmed.

Composite is a tooth-coloured resin that can cover, mask and improve the look of imperfections in your smile. You can have it applied to individual teeth to solve minor problems, or you can re-sculpt many teeth at once.

Composite veneers achieve a similar effect. They are wafer-thin covers – a little like false fingernails – for the teeth. Where composite bonding is applied directly by the dentist, veneers are precision-made in a lab and permanently bonded to the teeth later.

Treatment with composite bonding and veneers is quick, minimally invasive, and the results look stunning.

Choosing Composite Bonding and Veneers

Minimal Prep, Minimal Fuss

Because there’s minimal preparation required, both composite veneers and bonding are traditionally quicker than porcelain veneers or orthodontic treatment. Neither treatments require drilling or anaesthetic.

Looks Amazing

We’ll match the composite precisely to the shade of your existing teeth, so the material blends perfectly with the rest of your smile. That means no one will know you’ve had work done, but you can feel confident with your subtly stunning new smile.

Composite Veneers Vs Composite Bonding

Composite bonding and composite veneers both use the same tooth-coloured composite resin to produce results. The main difference in the treatments is the way the composite is applied.


Composite Veneers

Composite veneers will mask the whole surface area of your tooth. You can have an entire arch covered with composite veneers or just one or two teeth. We’ll discuss what’s best for your smile in an initial consultation.

We’ll begin by taking detailed digital impressions of your teeth so that our clinical dental technicians can produce high quality veneers with superb accuracy.

We’ll lightly prepare the surface of your teeth to allow the composite to form a strong bond. We’ll then apply the composite directly onto your teeth and harden it with a specialist UV light, so the results are instant.

Finally, we’ll make any last adjustments to make sure you love your new smile.


Composite Bonding

The composite bonding process is similar to veneers. We’ll begin analysing your smile and figuring out the best approach to treatment. Each smile is unique, so your treatment will be too.

Once we’ve addressed the main issues you want fixing, we’ll colour-match the composite and gently prepare your teeth before beginning to apply it.

As we add the composite to small sections of your smile, we’ll shape, sculpt and contour it to the curves of your teeth, giving you the most natural-looking results.

Once the composite is in place, we’ll harden it with a high-tech UV light and finish off your smile with a polish. You’ll be ecstatic with your brand new and improved smile.

Composite Bonding & Composite Veneers FAQs

How do I look after the composite after treatment?
You should look after your composite veneers or composite bonding by brushing and flossing as well as regular check-ups with a hygienist and dentist. You should also avoid damaging the composite by not chewing on pen lids or using your teeth to open things.
How will my teeth be prepared for composite bonding or veneers?
One of the best things about using composite resin in treatments is that there’s minimal preparation needed. The only light preparation we’ll do is slightly removing tiny parts of enamel from your tooth’s surface. This won’t damage your teeth whatsoever and will provide the necessary grip for the composite to cling to.
Does composite look natural?
Yes. We’ll meticulously hand-mix the colour of your composite resin to match the shade of your existing teeth to get the most natural colour and look.
Should I whiten my teeth before composite bonding?
If you want a brighter smile, it’s best to have your teeth whitened before composite bonding treatment. That way, we can match the composite colour to the shade of your newly whitened teeth and blend the composite with the rest of your smile seamlessly.

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