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7 Reasons To Enhance Your Smile With Composite Bonding

It’s not unusual to feel self-conscious about your smile. You may have one or more cosmetic issues you’d like to address, and thankfully there are several treatments available that can address them. 

But something may be holding you back. Worries about the length or complexity of your procedure, its cost, and how long you’ll take to recover may put you off seeking treatment. The good news is there’s a simple solution— composite bonding. 

If you’ve never heard of composite, or “cosmetic”, bonding, you may wonder what it is. While bonding may not grab the limelight as much as porcelain veneers, these treatments are highly effective and offer several amazing benefits. 

Here are seven of the leading reasons to enhance your smile using composite bonding. 

1. Composite Bonding is a Versatile Treatment

One of the things dentists and patients both love about composite bonding is how it can fix several issues all at the same time. 

We can use composite bonding to:

  • Improve the shape of your teeth
  • Cover up cracks and other damage
  • Remove discolouration and staining
  • Close small gaps between teeth

Every treatment is customised, so we’ll assess your smile and discuss what you want to change before we begin. 

2. The Composite Bonding Process Is Painless

Composite bonding uses a special type of resin that bonds tight to your teeth. We don’t need to use drills or any other equipment that physically alters the natural surfaces of your teeth. Instead, we’ll apply the resin, mould it into shape, and cure it once it’s in position. 

There’s no pain and no need for needles or anaesthetic either. This makes composite bonding perfect for nervous patients too. 

3. Smile Enhancement With Bonding Is Quick

Because there is no anaesthetic and no need to make up custom prosthetics to apply to your teeth, the whole process is quick. 

The exact length of your procedure depends on the extent of the bonding and how many teeth we’re treating. Often, we can make big changes to your smile in a single appointment. 

4. There Is No Recovery Period Or Downtime 

Without pain or anaesthetic, you can return to your normal routine almost immediately. You will need to take care while the resin bonds to your teeth. This means avoiding biting or chewing anything hard for a short period of time. 

5. Composite Bonding Improves Oral Health

Although it’s regarded as a cosmetic procedure, composite bonding has some health benefits. By repairing cracks and chips, you prevent bacteria from penetrating your tooth. This helps reduce the risk of infection, keeping your smile healthy. 

6. Your New Smile Will Look Beautiful

Before your procedure, we’ll select a composite resin to match the natural colour of your teeth. By using the perfect shade, we’ll ensure the changes we make are seamless. Nobody will know you’ve had the treatment. 

Best of all, you’ll have a beautiful smile with no imperfections. A good-looking smile can do wonders for your confidence and self-esteem. 

7. Composite Bonding Is Cost Effective

Any cosmetic dental treatment will cost money, but because we don’t use anaesthetics or need to make custom prosthetics, it brings the price of your treatment down. 

The exact cost will vary depending on how many teeth we’re treating, and finance options are available to help you spread the cost. 

Composite Bonding In Shipley

Composite bonding is a straightforward treatment that improves the natural beauty of your smile. It’s versatile, effective, quick, and painless and provides excellent results. 

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