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When coffee, red wine and time turn your smile more citrine yellow than pearly white, look no further than Nu Dental’s brightening whitening treatments.

With our elite whitening system, your smile can reach stunning B1 shade. It’s the only system in the world to guarantee such effective results. The at-home kit means you can get a brighter smile while you sleep, and the low-sensitivity formula allows for easy, safe treatment.

We are – of course – talking about the world’s favourite whitening treatment, Enlighten.

Why Whiten With Enlighten?

Brilliantly Bright

Enlighten can guarantee B1 shade in as little as two weeks. It’s one of the best and most popular whitening systems in the world. Enlighten produces superior results that are long-lasting and natural-looking so you can feel confident with your new smile.

Custom Comfort

Your Enlighten whitening tray will be custom designed and created just for you. That means our scientifically formulated whitening gel can access every aspect of your smile, giving you complete coverage with no discomfort.

Whiten Whenever

Treatment with Enlighten revolves around you. Your custom whitening tray even allows you to whiten while you sleep, meaning this treatment suits even the busiest of lifestyles.

Super Safe

Enlighten at Nu dental is one of the safest ways to whiten with low-sensitivity properties for high-impact results. Thanks to the cutting edge, low-sensitivity formula, you can get a stunning new smile without damaging your enamel. That means you can top up and refresh your smile’s brightness as many times as you want.

The Enlighten Journey


Your Enlighten

To start your Enlighten journey, we’ll consult with you on what your ideal smile looks like so that you can choose the exact shade. Then, we’ll take moulds of your smile to send to a laboratory where clinical dental technicians will create your whitening trays.


Effective Treatment

We’ll make sure your custom whitening trays fit perfectly over your teeth for full and even coverage. We’ll then walk you through how to correctly use your at-home kit and answer any questions you might have. Now, you can take your treatment home with you and the transformation can begin.


Beautiful Results

Wear your whitening tray at home for around six hours every day. Most patients do this while sleeping.

The treatment will take around two weeks, and the results will be astonishing. For the best results, return to our clinic for one last session to complete your new look.

And don’t forget, the low-sensitivity treatment means you can come back to us any time to top up your smile’s brightness.

Teeth Whitening FAQs

I have a sensitive tooth. Can I use Enlighten?
Yes, that’s because your Enlighten kit will include anti-sensitivity gel and some anti-sensitivity toothpaste too. You can apply the sensitivity gel to whichever tooth you need to before treatment to lessen the impact on your sensitive tooth.
Can I drink coffee during Enlighten treatment?
You can eat curries, drinks coffee and red wine during Enlighten treatment. Despite these things being known to stain your teeth, you can still consume them, and it won’t affect the outcome of your treatment.
How bright is the B1 shade?
B1 is at the top end of natural-looking shades. We recommend going a little brighter than the colour you might instinctively choose because it will fade over time. That said, you can always come back to us to have your brightness topped up.
What can I eat after whitening treatment?
You could consider eating a ‘white diet’ for a couple of weeks after your treatment ends. This simply includes things that are light in colour, like yoghurts and clear drinks. However, it isn’t hugely necessary as you can have the whiteness of your smile refreshed whenever you like.

Refresh Your Smile

Have a beautifully bright smile in no time with Enlighten at Nu Dental.
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