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West Yorkshire’s Hollywood Treatment

Achieving a Hollywood smile can seem like an unreachable feat to us mere mortals. But, with Nu Dental’s porcelain veneers, we’re bringing Hollywood to you.

Porcelain veneers are thin porcelain shells that fit perfectly over your teeth to give the impression of a flawless smile.

They can conceal minor imperfections like chips, cracks and stains to enhance your smile and bring it to the next level.

Porcelain veneers are a popular treatment worldwide because they look natural, are stain-resistant, comfortable and long-lasting.


Perfection in Porcelain

The Natural Look

The translucency of your porcelain veneers will give your smile a brilliant but natural look. That means you don’t have to feel conscious of your teeth looking unrealistically perfect and you can have an A-list smile that gives you confidence.

Designed for Life

Porcelain is stain resistant and incredibly durable. So, not only will they look amazing the day you leave the clinic, they’ll look fantastic for years to come too.

Complete Comfort

We’ll have clinical dental technicians create your veneers bespoke in our lab. As a result, they’ll fit perfectly with every curve and contour of your smile for complete customised comfort.

Your Nu Experience


The Consultation

We’ll find out from you what your dream smile looks like. Once we know what you want from the results, we can decide how many veneers you’ll need. This will form the blueprints of your new smile, and we’ll take x-rays, impressions and images to complete the design.


The Craft

We’ll then share the impressions with our expert ceramicist clinical dental technicians who’ll meticulously craft your veneers with precision.


The Creation

Once we receive your veneers back from the lab, we’ll permanently bond them over your existing teeth. We can make sure they fit perfectly, and you can leave our clinic with your new, bespoke-crafted, stunning smile.

Porcelain Veneers FAQs

Will my porcelain veneers need replacing?
Your veneers will only need replacing if they get damaged. Your veneers are designed to be very durable and can last years and years when you look after them properly. If your veneers are ever broken, chipped or cracked, we can work to restore and possibly replace them.
Can veneers fall off?
No, it’s improbable that your veneers would fall off as they’re fixed to your existing teeth with a very strong clinical adhesive that isn’t painful in the slightest.

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