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Shipley Emergency Dental

Trauma to the mouth, excessive bleeding, swelling or severe pain means you need emergency dental treatment. And, Nu Dental is here to give it to you.

Our skilled team will be available with the treatment you need when you need it around the clock. With our same-day treatment system, your emergency can be dealt with and you can be brought out of pain in a flash.

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We’ve Got You Covered

Whatever treatment you need, Nu has you covered. Our emergency dentists can carry out a range of treatments including extractions, filling, crowns, bridges and more to make sure your smile gets back on track.

With these same-day treatments, we can treat broken teeth, abscesses, lost fillings or crowns, can lessen swelling and sore gums and relieve you from toothache.


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Our highly-trained team is super-efficient and quick to evaluate emergencies. Armed with state-of-the-art equipment and decades of experience, they’ll fix and turn around your problems fast and have you smiling again in no time.


Treatments To Go

After evaluating your situation, we’ll draw up a treatment plan to help you get your smile beautiful once more. We can prescribe you some pain relief or antibiotics on the day too if we think you need it as part of your treatment plan.

Emergency and Same Day FAQs

What is considered a dental emergency?
If you’re in severe pain or have inflicted significant damage to your teeth, this is an emergency. If you’re bleeding, swelling, or have experienced impact or trauma to your mouth, you should call us immediately.
What can an emergency dentist do?
We can provide anything from tooth extractions to fillings. We’ll administer pain relief medication as well as create a treatment plan to get your smile back on track.
How can I ease my toothache?
Some home remedies include saltwater washes and drinking peppermint tea. But, if you’re experiencing a severe toothache, you should contact our team straight away.
What should I do if one of my baby’s teeth gets knocked out?
Babies’ teeth do fall out on their own eventually. But, if your child’s tooth has been knocked out due to trauma or impact, you should call our team immediately so we can fully assess their situation.
Why are my teeth suddenly sensitive?
When part of your tooth breaks away, the deeper layers are exposed. This leads to sensitivity when in contact with hot or cold things.
Do cavities count as dental emergencies?
Cavities aren’t generally considered a dental emergency, but they can develop into worse issues if left untreated. You should call our team to book a consultation if you think you have a cavity.

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