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Root Canal Treatment: Myths Vs Facts

If you mention to a friend or family member that you need a root canal treatment, they’ll probably wince or tell you a story about someone they know who has had the same procedure —chances are, this tale won’t be positive. 

Of course, root canals are routine procedures, so they will likely know someone who has had one. But the tales of how painful or difficult root canal treatments are should all be taken with a pinch of salt. The myths about root canals often drown out the truths. 

So, if you’ve been told you need a root canal treatment, you’ll probably have many questions. “Why do I need a root canal?”. “How painful is a root canal treatment?” and even “Is it easier to have a tooth removed?”

Let’s answer all these questions and dispel the myths about root canal treatments so you can feel fully prepared for your appointment.


Why Do I Need a Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal treatment is a routine procedure to remove an infection from a tooth. When bacteria enter a damaged tooth through a cavity or crack, the living tissue inside becomes inflamed. This, in turn, puts pressure on the nerve endings inside the tooth resulting in severe pain. 

Infections spread. Once a tooth becomes infected, treatment is essential. Without the proper care, you may lose the tooth and experience further complications in your gums, jaw, and neighbouring teeth. Infections can also spread to the blood and infect other body parts. 


MYTH: Root Canal Treatments Are Very Painful

It’s a widely spread myth that root canal treatments cause pain. In fact, the opposite is true. Your root canal procedure will actually stop any pain you’re already experiencing. Root canal treatments are routine procedures that use modern technology and techniques for maximum efficiency and comfort. 

Before we perform your root canal procedure, we’ll give you a local anaesthetic. This improves your comfort levels and makes your treatment painless. 

If you feel nervous about your treatment, talk to us about it. There are ways we can help you to manage your anxiety. 


MYTH: Root Canal Treatments Take a Long Time

The length of a root canal treatment will depend on which tooth is infected. Molars often take longer as they have more root canals than the teeth towards the front of your mouth. But in all cases, the procedure isn’t as long as many people suggest. 

More often than not, we can perform a root canal treatment in a single appointment. We sometimes recommend having a crown at a later time. This covers the tooth and prevents further infection.


MYTH: If You Ignore the Pain, the Problem Goes Away

There is a small degree of truth in the belief that the pain from an infected tooth will go away on its own. But the pain will only go away when the tooth dies. Although you may no longer feel pain, it doesn’t mean the infection has gone. 

The pain will return, bringing more extreme pain and discomfort. You may lose the tooth and develop an abscess, and the infection can affect your gums and jaw and may even enter your bloodstream leading to sepsis, a potentially fatal illness. 


MYTH: It’s Easier to Extract an Infected Tooth

While extractions are often very quick and straightforward, wherever possible, we’ll do everything possible to save the tooth. The problem with extractions is you’re left with a gap. If the tooth is not replaced with a bridge or dental implant, you could experience long-term complications. 

Gaps leave you more prone to gum disease, tooth decay, tooth movements and jawbone loss. Saving your tooth means you won’t have to contend with these issues and undergo further procedures to replace your tooth. 


Root Canal Treatments in Leeds

If you have a toothache, you may have an infection. Root canal treatments are an effective way to remove infection. Despite the treatment’s reputation, it isn’t long or painful. Our supportive team is also here to help you feel completely relaxed, whether you experience dental phobia or not. 

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